Ouro Minas

Only five-star hotel in Belo Horizonte, Ouro Minas is known by itscomfort and excellent service. It has a complete infrastructure to receive youduring your leisure or business travel and also to host events or conventions. Thelocation is strategic: next to airports, to Mineirão soccer field and toAdministrative City, with easy access by Linha Verde. Welcome.

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Major Soccer Events


Ouro Minas has the best team to serve you.

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Belo Horizonte


Great place for the ones who look for a hectic night life or the quietness of a planned city. Discover what Belo Horizonte has for you.

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Special Services


Ouro Minas offers special services and cares: Polyglot Concierge, Oriental treatment and Gil Marciano Coiffeur Beauty Parlor.

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